2013 Review

(Posted 17/2/14)   The total recorded catch for 2013 was disappointing. Although spring catches were encouraging, the summer fishing was difficult. As with much of the country, the prolonged drought resulted in low river levels, high temperatures with consequent weed growth and low oxygen levels. Fish were dour and unwilling to take. The dam count figures indicate a lower than average run, but not quite as poor as the catches alone would suggest. As with most recent years, the grilse arrived a little later than was historically the case.

Dam Counts: – Figures received from SSE for Aigas Dam up to 3 November 2013 indicate a total run through the dam to the upper beats of approximately 3,002 fish. This is below the 5-year average of around 3,900, primarily due to a weaker grilse run. Final year figures are still awaited from SSE.

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